WEG AUTRIAL supplies 800Vac cabinets for a 50MW PV plant in the UK.

Picture WEG AUTRIAL supplies 800Vac cabinets for a 50MW PV plant in the UK.

WEG AUTRIAL has been awarded a 50MW project in the UK including 800Vac combiner cabinets.

WEG AUTRIAL consolidates its position in the photovoltaic sector with its string monitoring boxes in DC, AC combiner panels for string-inverters and SCADA boxes/ racks, with an equivalent of 4GW supplies in projects worldwide.

WEG AUTRIAL will design, produce and supply 16 cabinets that combine string-inverters with an output voltage of 800Vac and current rating of 2500A, certified according to the applicable IEC 61439 1&2 standard. Such cabinets, designed for outdoors, will be connected directly to the power transformers. WEG AUTRIAL has performed laboratory tests concerning the short-circuit capacity and temperature rise to assure the compliance with the IEC 61439 1&2.

The cabinets’ main features are:

  • The input/output protections and connecting accessories have been arranged to facilitate the field works.
  • The cabinets ventilation and heating have been adapted to the local weather conditions.
  • The enclosures external colour meets the project requirements.
  • An IT earthing scheme insulation monitor and a power quality analyser have been mounted in each cabinet.
  • The cabinets also include protections to feed external panels such as a communication panel and an auxiliary services panel.                          

WEG AUTRIAL is also supplying the first level AC boxes that combine 2 string-inverters at 800Vac and the Auxiliary services panels that transform an IT scheme at 800Vac to a TN-S scheme at 230Vac.

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