Programming solutions
We offer comprehensive electronic engineering solutions by adapting our work to the needs of each process, managing all projects from beginning to successful end.


The team of programmers at Autrial is engaged in developing customised automation, control and supervision solutions to meet the needs of its customers, while harnessing its know-how to bring added value to the final product. Thanks to Autrial’s long track record in the automation and control sector, we can develop and offer tools to our customers that facilitate their services and operations at their installations.

We work and integrate with a wide range of control (Siemens, Omron, Allen Bradley, Schneider, Unitronics, Eliwell, etc.) and supervision (WinCC, Intouch, Cx-Supervisor, etc.) devices, as well as Autrial’s own supervision system. This allows us to offer a significant range of customisation options.

In an environment where mobility is so important, Autrial offers tools for remote access to installations, remote notification applications and Internet access from any device to factory data. Installations have never been closer.