AUTRIAL was set up by Mr. Enrique Rubio in 1977. Well-versed in the industrial market and with great vision, knowledge and experience, he began his career in the brewery and automotive industries. 

In the mid-1980s, the company began operating in the Spanish commercial and industrial cooling sector. At the time, this sector was growing fast and needed specific facility automation solutions. After a few years of hard working, AUTRIAL was recognised by the sector for its service, quality and strong customer relations.

Following significant effort in the 1990s, the company had become a benchmark leader in the Spanish market with extensive supply diversity based on a wide range of solutions for all kinds of industries ranging from the food and distribution sector to abattoirs, processing and packing centres, and major supermarket and hypermarket chains.

From its firmly consolidated market position in the late-1990s, Autrial began to expand its market strategy and diversify its industrial business into three companies. Each company had its own production channels, which were operated according to the type of product or service being provided.

Amid strong economic growth in 2005, the company began to redesign its market strategy and focus its goals on a vision for the future. This was based on a generational hand-over and sustainable growth by the company. The core pillars of AUTRIAL’s business strategy are now focused on three strategic goals:


Innovation, Diversification and Internationalisation.


The first step towards implementing this strategic plan was to merge the three companies fiscally, leaving AUTRIAL as the only corporate and commercial entity. In 2007, the company merged its three production centres and began implementing lean manufacturing processes to thus improve production times and processes and increase the quality and competitiveness offered to its customers.

The company premises currently comprise a total area of 10,000 m2 on the industrial estates of Paterna, which provide a strategic location allowing easy access by road, sea and air. Over 130 people work for the company at present, providing AUTRIAL with comprehensive management capabilities and facilitating the development of numerous projects of varying scope in different markets.

At the end of 2015, Autrial, S.L. joined the WEG Group to form part of the company’s Automation Division. Incorporation of Autrial into WEG Group has enabled us to further enhance our competitiveness, efficiency and quality. For AUTRIAL, this important step reflects ongoing changes in the market and a major commitment to increasing our presence in the sector every day.