One of our most important values in terms of innovation is to offer our know-how to customers, study our products, and generate synergies with our customers in the search for new, more efficient products with better advantages.

The company consistently applies an ongoing improvement process. We search for factors that can make us faster and more efficient. Every department at the company is involved in this process via a specific committee that reviews everything, from workflow to the improvements to be applied in the various departments for enhancing productivity and project quality.

The decisions reached by this committee are implemented through procedure and investment reviews.

Training is another important aspect of our ongoing improvement process. The various training activities we carry out are planned annually according to the needs of each department.

Since 2016, the production system at AUTRIAL has been based on a LEAN MANUFACTURING management model aimed at streamlining all processes for more efficient production. Based on work standards and indicators that set targets for us to reach, this system allows us to be more competitive and to deliver a product with better quality and better customer service. As a result, this leads to ongoing improvement for the entire organisation.