We understand your needs; we are your best solution..


Autrial aims to achieve steady and sustainable growth in the market, building new areas of business and offering products of the highest quality. It always strives to innovate and find new, more efficient solutions.



To become an international benchmark company as a key and strategy line of business within WEG Group while helping it grow.


We believe in globality and in achieving our targets in partnership with our customers, while offering a wide range of business activities based on the design, development and integration of different types of projects: turnkey, automation, electric panels and standardisation processes.



We value every individual contribution to our success and we motivate our people through integrity, ethics and constant support for personal development.

      • TEAMWORK

By working as a team, we bring together the best knowledge, intelligence and skills to constantly streamline our work and offer advantages to our customers.

        • EFFICIENCY

We work hard to do things better every day. All our products, processes and developments are aimed at increasing efficiency.

          • FLEXIBILITY

We are constantly developing new efficient ways to respond to change and meet customer needs.

            • CREATION OF VALUE

We offer complementary solutions that enhance and help sell products and services from the company.

            • LEADERSHIP

To be a benchmark company in terms of customer relations.