AUTRIAL is specialized in the manufacture of custom frames for all types of sectors and industrial applications, thanks to the experience of our technical team we can work with different control technologies and power distribution.

Our electrical panels have been developed in accordance with all regulations and compliance in force, both nationally and internationally, its application allows us to certify our products and services with full guarantee.

The special panels are developed to cover all the needs of a project, our goal is to define together with the client all aspects of the installation, in terms of capacity, control and power. In this way, we offer the most optimal solutions taking into account values ​​such as efficiency, savings and quality.

  • Power centers
  • ATEX panels
  • Control and instrumentation panels
  • 1500Vdc DC distribution
  • Solar pumping 1000Vdc
  • BT Distribution
  • Seismic panels
  • Test benches
  • Communications racks
  • PV Monitoring 1500Vdc
  • Naval and Offshore Applications